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Questions frequently asked by members and potential members of The Cookout. If you have questions, it's likely answered here. 

Becoming a Member

Process Time:

0-2 Weeks Post Application

The Cookout is an invitation-only platform. Anyone may download the app, however, only people who have been invited to the platform will receive an invitation to register and receive credentials. The membership application opens and closes sporadically, dates listed on our calendar. Stay tuned to the calendar for events, book club meetings, scheduled webinars, and when the applications will open and close. Stay tuned to our blog and subscribe to our newsletter for all of the latest news. 

Once you are invited to The Cookout you will receive two emails, one will be your invitation to register for credentials. The other will include a welcome packet with information on the platform and our community standards. 

The Cookout has three tiers of membership. Only one of them is paid. 

Getting Verified

PRocess Time:

1-3 Days Post Form Submission

The Cookout grants members a unique opportunity to verify their profiles so that you can communicate to others that you're a real person who is whom they claim to be. While verification is completely optional, the choice not to verify effects your levels of access within the app. There are certain spaces within the app that only verified members can access. Additional perks for verified members include three invites per month as opposed to just one. 

We have deadname sensitive verifications on a case by case basis. 

Video verifications are coming soon, but are not yet available. 

Inviting Others

Process Time:

1-5 days

The Cookout is an invitation-only platform. Members can invite friends and family that they believe would fit in with our community, however the ability to do so comes with the caveat. You are responsible for whom you invite. We track each invited member and they are linked to the account of the person who invited them. If you invite members who are disruptive, trolls, racists, sexists, or otherwise unprogressive, you could find yourself on the other side of the gate as well.

You must be a member of The Cookout at least two weeks before inviting another. How many people you can invite per month is based on your membership level. Abusing invites is cause for your account to be disabled. 

Staying a Member

Process Time:


Staying a member on The Cookout is easy! Stay active, engaged, and keep the ash on the ghetto blue app

Members are expected to engage at least once every 21 days to keep their account active. Accounts that are inactive more than 21 days will be deleted from our servers (you will be welcomed to reapply). Members who are taking social media breaks can contact us on our website chat to let us know not to delete them. We will oblige. 

As you are responsible for whom you invite, be mindful of whom you invite.

Community Contribution

Process Time: Indefinitely

The Cookout is for you! Our members are encouraged to use the platform to create meaningful connections and share their talent and knowledge. We are committed to personal and professional growth for all members. Our app archives house a wealth of information and share the beautiful work of our talented members. If you wish to promote yourself and your work (FOR FREE), submit your business, writing, and/or art and music to us along with a bio/ blurb and a headshot/cover art. We would love to promote you. We claim no rights to your work and you are free to publish anywhere else you'd please!

We have a special membership through our site for small business solutions. 

Have any more questions/ concerns?

If you have a question or concern that isn't addressed here, you may use the chat feature to communicate with us. We are very responsive!