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About us

The Cookout Online is establishing a standard world-class social network for Black academics, organizers, millennials, brands, and entrepreneurs worldwide. We are connecting and celebrating the vast amounts of talent, diversity, and beauty of the African Diaspora. 

We will not be A Black platform. We will be THE Black Platform. The Cookout is carefully crafted by Black social media users FOR Black social media users and explicitly seeks to directly address Black User pain points with existing platforms. 

Authenticity: This platform is invitation only. All applicants are screened prior to being invited or they are invited by vetted members within the app. All users are responsible for who they add to the platform. You will always know the user you're interacting with is a real person. We are here to build meaningful connections and have progressive discussions. 

Content Curation: Users have a vetting period where they cannot invite others to the platform. Users are encouraged to only invite those that they know. Users are responsible for the content of those that they invite.

Business Growth and Promotion: Black entrepreneurs will be given special consideration to promote on this platform. Political candidates will never be allowed to do so. 

Black Centrality: Black political and social speech will never be policed on this app unless it encourages intra-communal hate/ oppression. Conversely, anti-Black speech will have a zero-tolerance policy.


Anyone can make a profile on most platforms and spread harmful and inflammatory content.


Black users feel unvalued, dismissed, and silenced on larger platforms. Spaces for the diaspora to connect and discuss our specific issues without unfair policing are important and an ever-growing need.



Black entrepreneurs who make products for Black users often get buried in algorithms that view the simple mention of the word "Black" in their posts/ ads as political.

About Us

The Cookout is the brainchild of three LBGT Black women artists, entrepreneurs, designers, popular social media personalities, and developers who decided to combine their skills, followings, and talents into a venture that would give the communities that they already connect with, a safe space and digital platform to engage.

Cassandra "Cass" Osei,  CEO/CFO

Cassandra is an MPH graduate and Ph.D. student studying the social determinants that shape the maternal mortality crisis impacting Black women. 

Cassandra is also a podcaster and has served within the community and policy levels, addressing disparities that impact Black women. Her skills are guided by a passion for investing in the success and resiliency of those who are historically underserved and underrepresented. With over a decade of academic and professional experience, Cassandra helps foundations, agencies, and organizations to budget, research, develop, implement, and evaluate programmatic strategies by translating strategic visions across the enterprise. Concomitantly, she delivers outcomes that promote meaningful and equitable change within communities. She is the co-founder of the Uppity Negress Podcast and CFO and CEO of the Uppity Negress brand. 

Kiki Bryant,


Kiki is an activist, writer, speaker, podcaster, and multimedia maven. She also serves as a corporate product manager who manages products that generate $1 billion in international revenue. This career is spearheaded by her professional knowledge of design and marketing. She lends this knowledge to each of Uppity Negress' (UN) ventures, even gaining industry recognition by Adobe and teaching an episode of Adobe Live. 

Kiki uses her quick wit and critical thinking to deconstruct complex multidisciplinary sociological issues and presents them colloquially to UN’s audience. She is an unapologetic voice for the issues of Black women and a “leader of the new school” of social thought and critique. She has been sought out for public speaking engagements by Depaul University and The Smithsonian NMAAHC. She is the co-founder of the Uppity Negress Podcast and chief graphic designer, project manager, and product manager of UN’s products and events.

Atiyya Hassan,

IRO/Business Planning and Administration

Atiyya is a professional artist and social media influencer with over 10 years experience in marketing, particularly viral marketing.

She has created an ecommerce platform that sells her graphic designs to other black entrepreneurs. Her platform uses a subscription and ala cart business model that yielded 6 figures in its first year and continues to grow steadily. Her following currently sits at about 15,000 people with an average monthly reach of about 250,000 people and 35,000 monthly engagement